The effect

The Vivid-Alchemy Crystal Mandala invites you to radiate openness, kindness, peaceful-loving energy and joy.

The purpose

The Vivid-Alchemy crystals are turbo boosters of crystal energy.
You create a powerful space for your environment and even benefit yourself from this field of energy.


Gemstones and especially stones with a crystal structure are ideal stores with enormous capacity. Just think of silicon computer chips made of similar material. Instead of electric pulses, the human mind, with its not to be underestimated creative power, can implant ideas. A crystal with a tip, radiates the energy with a directional aim. A round stone radiates in all directions.

My reason to set up the Vivid-Alchemy Mandala

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The Vivid-Alchemy Mandala was developed out of my displeasure with the current political and interpersonal conditions. With the Mandala, I wanted to set a sign for a peaceful world and human interaction. The idea is still up to date, but new insights have broadened my perspective.

I have always worked with crystals.For me they are wonderful light and energy amplifiers. So far, I used this potential in the form of elixirs, cosmetic products and to increase living space vibration.

Now a bigger dimension is happening. The spiritual world speaks of a new age, which has already started perceptible. A time, when we are able and allowed to look at the earth with the loving eyes.

Why is there so much chaos in the world? I wonder. The answer is complex. Because it ranges from our currently dual worldview: One is good, the other bad, to doubts if personal benefits could be lost by innovation. What raises up by a change? This uncertainty can cause resistance, doubt, disbelief and worry. Is it necessary, that the idea of a peaceful world and the loving interaction with each other, must be sacrificed by these fears? Would'nt it be desirable to develop a new, appropriate way of thinking and acting instead?

The Vivid-Alchemy Mandala is an invitation to radiate peaceful, bright and joyful energy. Crystals are very energetic. With their help, your light, your divine love and thus pure joy may flow in an intensified way.

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How do I set up the Mandala?

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