How do I set up the Vivid-Alchemy Mandala?

Whether one gem or more, the intention is crucial:
- Your environment is happy about every bright and loving energy. -

The central gem of the Vivid-Alchemy Energy Circle is a light blue aquamarine.

The name of the gemstone is composed of the word "aqua" for water and "marine" belonging to the sea. Water is connected to the emotional world. The color light blue embodies the vastness of Oceans, but also of the sky. It embodies peace and serenity, protection and peace, intuition and openness. Light blue is also energetically assigned to the throat chakra and promotes peaceful communication.

The mountain or laser crystals are color neutral and can transport any desired colour or energy unadulterated..

Possible Combination:

Pink-coloured gemstones, like rose quartz, represent affection, softness, tenderness and sympathy.
Combinations with a orange-coloured calcite, citrine oder brucite are suitable too.
Yellow colour represent sun, laughter, joy of life and wisdom.
The color quality of the gemstones is radiated purely and multi-ply amplified into the environment via the clear quartz crystals. It's a benefit for all. In this energy field, even misconceptions or quarrels in your environment can melt away as the crystals amplify your desires for, love, light, joy, and peace.
Gemstones and especially stones with a crystal structure are ideal stores with enormous capacity. Just think of silicon computer chips made of similar material. Instead of electric pulses, the human mind, with its not to be underestimated creative power, can implant ideas. A crystal with a tip, radiates the energy with a directional aim. A round stone radiates in all directions.


In the first step, I clean the stones inside and outside to prepare them to absorb the new energy.
External dirt, such as dust or grease, I rub off under running water.
Now I remove everything negative and positive that has entered the crystal structure through emotions or thoughts until the stone is energetically neutral. I take the crystals and the aquamarine between both hands and concentrate on the idea:

Away with all energies that do not belong to the stone itself.

To reinforce, I make a flick of the hand like throwing them away, without actually throwing the stones away and repeat the ritual twice.

If you want, you can put one or two drops Aura Soma Serapis Bey Quintessenz on the stones. This reinforces both the cleaning, as well as the subsequent charging.


I place the cleaned stones on my open hands like in a bowl and ask the spiritual world, my angels and helpers, to charge these crystals with the best possible energy needed for this Vivid-Alchemy Mandala.

If I have the feeling that there is enough light stored,
I lay out the crystals in the pattern mentioned above.

The tips of the clear crystals must point outwards
because I want the energy of this Vivid-Alchemy Mandala
to radiate out into the world!

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