Bernhard Hoffmann,

Born in 1946 in Munich.
Widowed. Proud father and grandfather of two children and three grandchildren.

Former owner of the Marien Pharmacy in Hausham.
Currently a very active pensioner.

He began in 1973 to explore new ways and means in the health sector and gained experience in the field of energy work and dowsing; et al Lilla Bek, Vice President of the National Fed.of Spiritual Healers in the United Kingdom, Erik Fenn -radiesthesia-, Karl Heinz Jäckel -Meditation introduction- and Marcel Vogel und Rita Haack -Gemstone Therapy-.

This resulted in the increase of living space energies with "crystal respectively gemstone mandala".

During this time he has developed homeopathic-spagyric complex remedies, the most famous of which is the "elixir of life to Nostradamus" ist.

He has also developed, produced and shipped his own range of cosmetics, B.Hoffmann's Synergicum Kosmetic, to various countries.

Diploma Aura Soma Advisor.

Author of: "Commuting, Rods and Meditation - New Paths to Health Care"
Available in own publishing house as books with cd

Former avatar coach.

Feng Shui courses at INFIS-Institute Switzerland.

2001 Development of Bemaka gemstone aura sprays.

Author of fantasy fairytale stories: (german language)

2015 Slyrus - The mountain spirit.

2016 Slyrus - The mountain monsters.

2017 Slyrus - Fire in the mountain.

2018 Jonathan and the Fog Dragon.

2018/19 redevelopment of the Vivid-Alchemy Mandala

2019 writers reading in Warngau/Germany

2019 Three week seminary partitipation with the topic
        "spiritual life" with Andrea Schirnack.
        Halo intensiv business coaching with Alex Krieg

2019/20 YouTube channel von Bernhard Hoffmann

2020 Slyrus - New Ways.

2021 Kraftplatz mit Edelsteinen • Live und online-live meetings.

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Bernhard Hoffmann
Naturfreundestraße 4a    D-83734 Hausham



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